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Live every Chapter. Lead from where you stand.

I have often been asked where the name Tac Form comes from.

It is, in fact, derived from the military term ‘tactical formation,’ and in the case of aircraft, refers to two or more aircraft travelling together in a disciplined, harmonious and synchronized manner. Originally adopted for mutual defense and concentration of firepower in a fight, formation flying has also been proven to increase range, reduce drag and resistance, and build camaraderie and morale. In much the same way as cyclists draft behind one another, birds fly in a V formation, and aircraft use tac form, each of us within our organizations has the opportunity to realize far greater success, both individually and collectively, if we work together. This approach requires everyone. Whether flying lead, right wing, or somewhere near the back, I believe we all have a responsibility to bring our best, to give everything of ourselves – all of our capacity, and to truly ‘show up’ every day.

“Margaret has a special gift to truly connect with people. Leadership, character, ethics, creativity, organization, team-building and communication skills are all assets to Margaret’s personal and professional essence. Margaret can hold an audience accountable in a way that I have never seen before. She has the highest integrity and is truly one of the most talented leaders I know.”

Tommy Spaulding

Two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Heart Led-Leader and It’s Not Just Who You Know.


“I met Margaret Palmer while I was serving as the Commanding Officer of the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment (AETE), the Canadian Armed Forces Flight Test Centre situated in Cold Lake, AB. We were conducting strategic planning and Margaret served as our facilitator. I can personally attest that Margaret is a consummate professional with a gifted speaking ability, exceptional interpersonal skills, and a true passion for leadership development. A confident leader herself, she excelled as our facilitator, injecting excellent educational insights complemented with very relevant practical advice. I found her delivery to be polished, motivating, interesting and entertaining. Her contributions to our Strategic Planning Session greatly enhanced our ability to communicate and were instrumental in enabling us to produce a Strategic Plan of the highest quality.”

Dr. H.J. Kowal, CD, rmc, BEng, PEng, MSAe, MDS, MA(SS), PhD, Brigadier-General (Retired)

Principal of the Royal Military College of Canada