Creating Impact and Connection Through the I Care, You Count Principle™

5 Fundamental Practices Exceptional Communicators Follow to Create Value and Meaning in Today’s World

This course, based upon the acclaimed I Care, You Count Principle™, was developed as a result of more than 25 years of experience working with thousands of people all over the world. That extensive exposure and experience with diverse populations in vastly different environments, coupled with Margaret’s deep passion for inspiring people to realize their full capacity, led her to identify five fundamental practices that exceptionally effective communicators consistently follow. Over the course of six weeks, this training program breaks down each of those five practices and equips participants with the understanding, tools and skills required to model the practices in their own lives. The results will forever change the quality and depth of your relationships, the way you do business, how you have conversations, and will effectively remove any limitations on what is possible when we engage others in caring and collaborative ways.