Margaret Palmer, M.A.

Trainer, Facilitator & Keynote Speaker


Airdrie, AB Canada

Media Kit

Media Kit includes high-resolution images of Margaret Palmer, TAC FORM logo files in vector and raster formats, and a Speaker Bio PDF.

“What we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do.”

~ Stephen Covey

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“It feels like I have been making referrals to Margaret’s workshops for forever, even though its only been 15 years I’ve lost track of the hundreds of people I’ve referred. I’ve never given a second thought to telling my peers or my clients alike about taking a class with Margaret, I trust her and I know how she conducts herself as a facilitator. I would never hesitate to tell anyone about how organized, talented and confident she is with people and with her material. Whether it’s your fist time taking a class with her or you’re back for a refresher, Margaret always finds a way to enlighten and share fresh perspective. Her classes offer opportunities to work in large and small groups, as you explore and experience the very dynamics she teaches about while doing fun hands on tasks. She has been such a gem to our community!”

Kim Schmidtz

FCSS Manager, Cold Lake and District FCSS