Signature Keynotes

Live Every Chapter

(20 – 60 minutes)

Life is a story in which each of us is the author, and each day a page to be filled.

How we fill those pages is a choice… What will you choose?

This highly customizable keynote challenges audience members to sit in the front row of their own lives – to create a vision and make conscious decisions each and every day that will ensure the story they are writing is a good one. We don’t always choose our chapters, but we do choose who we will be in those chapters. As Stephen Massicotte, acclaimed Canadian playwright once said, “Take what you want and make your life immortal.”

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Everything You Need to Know to Communicate Effectively, You Learned in Kindergarten

(20 – 60 minutes)

Communication is the primary activity that human beings engage in, yet so many of us are getting it terribly wrong, leading to increased stress, strained relationships, and trouble at work. The irony is that what seems to be so challenging is really very simple. This entertaining keynote will take you ‘Back to Basics’ by putting a new spin on old rules and reminding audience members of what they once knew but have forgotten. Guaranteed to make you think differently about the way you communicate!

“How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things but by how well we are understood.”

~ Andrew Grove

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“Margaret is a truly exceptional and engaging speaker. Passionate and knowledgeable about leadership and communication, she has the ability to draw an audience in and inspire them towards positive change, leading to improved relationships and collaborative processes, and raising the bar for individual responsibility and leadership contributions. I feel so strongly about the value of what Margaret has to offer that not only have I taken a number of Margaret’s courses myself, but I have sent numerous members of my staff to her trainings as well. Her interactive approach and use of real life examples make Margaret’s programs fun, interesting and impactful. I would highly recommend Margaret to any organization!”

Audrey McFarlane

Executive Director, Lakeland Centre for FASD
Executive Director, Canada FASD Research Network