Margaret Palmer, M.A.

Trainer, Facilitator & Keynote Speaker

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With experience spanning more than 25 years and involving thousands of people from more than 40 different countries around the world, Margaret brings a unique perspective and deep understanding to the conversation about what it means to communicate and lead effectively. She believes deeply in the potential and capacity of every human being and emphasizes the need to make sure people feel valued and appreciated. That said, Margaret has little patience for ‘fluff,’ is not big on scripts and formulas in communication, and has been labeled the ‘least touchy-feely’ trainer many have encountered in the field of Leadership and Communication. Margaret’s acclaimed I Care, You Count Principle™, developed through her work over the past two decades, has found success from the breakfast table to the battlefield to the boardroom while working with groups spanning multiple sectors from corporate to non-profit to military.

Margaret is committed to helping others create possibility one conversation at a time, and her passion and dedication to growing inspired and engaged communities is infectious. When training and speaking, Margaret uses an experiential and interactive approach, drawing on her extensive international exposure and using personal stories and anecdotes to complement current literature and practices. She has helped thousands of people, from independent entrepreneurs to military generals, become stronger, more effective communicators and more powerful leaders. When followed correctly, her Five Practices will open up the possibility of success in both personal and professional relationships beyond your wildest imagining.

Margaret holds a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Training and has completed work towards a Masters in Security, Defence Management and Policy. She is a private pilot, holds a black belt in Taekwondo, and enjoys running, sailing, kayaking, hiking and camping. She currently lives near Calgary, Alberta with her husband Ryan and their daughters Kennedy and Makenna.

“When leadership is defined not as a position you hold but as a way of ‘being,’ you discover that you can lead from wherever you are.”

~ Rosamund Stone Zander

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“My staff used to compete for the opportunity to attend a course facilitated by Margaret – they considered it a reward. Once they had attended one, they were eager to attend them all. I can sincerely attest that the investment of staff time on professional development focused on leadership, group dynamics and communication was worth it. It paid dividends to my organization in terms of improved workplace culture and team effectiveness.

Years ago, I engaged Margaret to support a small but extremely fragmented team of staff to improve their communication and establish a collaborative working environment – she was incredibly successful. So, when I needed a facilitator for a recent strategy discussion with my Board of Directors, Margaret was an obvious choice. My two objectives were to ensure that all Directors within the diverse group were able to contribute to the discussion and to optimize the effectiveness of the communication within the limited time available. The innovative and engaging approach Margaret used to share tips for communicating effectively created a shared experience and provided the group with common language. This served the group well during the strategy session and will help us build and maintain a culture of effective communication moving forward. Her use of graphic facilitation to provide a visual picture of the key messages that emerged in the session was also excellent.”

Tanya McLeod MHA, CHE

President, Sinneave Family Foundation